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en avant les commits!


We are looking to package this as a bundled application, in the meantime to install and run the Python code:

Python dependencies

See pyproject.toml for requirements to install.


On linux v4l2loopback is required to create a virtual webcam that can be used in call software.

sudo apt install v4l2loopback-dkms

The program starts the service automatically (this is why it asks for the sudo password at startup) to start manually:

sudo modprobe v4l2loopback devices=1


On Windows Webcam Manager uses OBS virtual camera and requires OBS Studio.

If OBS is already installed, a binary of the application can be found at py/dist/webcam_manager.exe.

Otherwise a full installer which bundles OBS and Webcam Manager can be found at py/dist/WebcamManager_installer.exe.

Build on Windows

To build a binary from the file, uncomment line 14 and 15:

if getattr(sys, 'frozen', False) and hasattr(sys, '_MEIPASS'):

then use pyinstaller to execute the following command:

pyinstaller --onefile --windowed --add-data "assets;assets"

This will bundle all files and dependencies in a single file (--onefile). Any assets and external files such as images are included using --add-data flag followed with the directory or file name ("assets;assets") to be included within the build.

This will create an .exe file in the py/dist directory along a py/build directory and a webcam_manager.spec file.

Distribution / Create an installer for windows

In order to create an installer that bundles OBS and Webcam Manager, OBS Studio installer is required.

Once downloaded move the installer in the py/dist/inc directory. This folder contains the external files bundled with your webcam application, such as the logo.ico and the License.txt.

We used NSIS to create the installer; once you have NSIS installed, built the py/dist/webcam_manager.exe file as well as the py/dist/inc/OBS-Studio-26.1.1-Full-Installer-x64.exe file, compile the py/dist/WM.nsi with NSIS.

This should generate the py/dist/WebcamManager_installer.exe.


Coming soon...


Connect to call software

Recording and looping

  • buttons
  • keybaord shortcuts