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PKM Bro Bootcamp Graph Wiki

Experiment with Tiddlyroam for the PKM Bro Bootcamp workshop.


Install the tiddlywiki nodejs package

npm install -g tiddlywiki

To install on a server, follow these instructions:

How to: TiddlyWiki on NodeJS + nginx proxy + LetsEncrypt


tiddlywiki roam-bro-bootcamp/ --listen

to add Basic Auth on a server, provide a users.csv in roam-bro-bootcamp/

tiddlywiki roam-bro-bootcamp/ --listen credentials=users.csv "readers=(anon)" "writers=(authenticated)"

Adding content automatically

With yt-dlp installed

check results

yt-dlp ytsearch10:"Obsidian" --get-id --get-title

save data to JSON file

➜ yt-dlp ytsearch10:"Obsidian" -j > yt-data.json

use to generate 1 page per video