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## Download
# 🧠🌱 PKM Bro Bootcamp
PKM Bro Bootcamp is a wiki about Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) aimed at design students with two main goals:
✅ Practical experimentation with note taking apps, markdown, and networks
## Deploy
✅ Critical investigation of PKM, the narratives it conveys and its social media scene
The first workshop took place at the [MA Narrative Environments](https://www.arts.ac.uk/subjects/architecture-spatial-and-interior-design/postgraduate/ma-narrative-environments-csm) at UAL Central St. Martins on 7th October 2022
This repository contains the workshop materials as a [Logseq](https://logseq.com/) graph.
- The [graph](/graph) folder can be opened in Logseq to explore and contribute
- The [WWW](/WWW) folder contains the static website exported by Logseq and served at https://pkm.diagram.institute
## Create archive of graph
zip -r pkmbros-graph.zip graph
## Export website and deploy to object storage
1. Export website
From Logseq > `...` menu at the top right > **Export public pages** to the `WWW` folder
2. Deploy
From the repo root
s3cmd --no-mime-magic --acl-public --delete-removed --delete-after sync WWW/ s3://pkmbros-logseq-static
s3cmd --no-mime-magic --acl-public --delete-removed --delete-after sync WWW/ s3://bucket-name