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🧠🌱 PKM Bro Bootcamp

PKM Bro Bootcamp is a wiki about Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) aimed at design students with two main goals:

Practical experimentation with note taking apps, markdown, and networks

Critical investigation of PKM, the narratives it conveys and its social media scene

The first workshop took place at the MA Narrative Environments at UAL Central St. Martins on 7th October 2022

This repository contains the workshop materials as a Logseq graph.

Create archive of graph

zip -r graph

Export website and deploy to object storage

  1. Export website

From Logseq > ... menu at the top right > Export public pages to the WWW folder

  1. Deploy

From the repo root

s3cmd --no-mime-magic --acl-public --delete-removed --delete-after sync WWW/ s3://bucket-name