Diagrams commissioned for the paper: *The Operational Loops of a Pandemic.* by T. D. Sampson and J. Parikka.
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\usetikzlibrary{arrows.meta, positioning, shapes.misc, decorations.markings}
\usepackage{graphicx, import}
\geometry{a5paper, margin=0.5cm}
\title{\Huge Operational Loops of COVID-19}
\author{David Benqu\'e\\Institute of Diagram Studies}
\date{{\color{red} Draft: \today}}
Diagrams for:\\Parikka, Jussi, and Tony D. Sampson. Forthcoming.\\`The Operational Loops of a Pandemic`. \emph{Cultural Politics}.
\caption{Models as an operational part of pandemic production. Inspired by Dinno (2017) and Chun (2015).}
\caption{Scalar relations. Inspired by Jaque and Munuera's \emph{Transcalar Architecture of Covid-19} (2020) and its discussion by Mattern (2020).}
\caption{Propelling mechanism of the pandemic ``wave'' as an operational image. Inspired by Jones and Helmreich (2020).}
\caption{`Phase portrait diagram' (visualisation method from Dorling 2020), showing daily number of COVID-19 cases and rate of change in the UK. Data from John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, via https://disease.sh API (accessed 21 Oct. 2020).\\---\\
Ref: Dorling, Danny. 2020. `Covid19 | SLOWDOWN'. 2020. http://www.dannydorling.org/books/SLOWDOWN/Covid19.html. (accessed 10 Sept. 2020)}