website for Webcam Manager
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Webcam Manager User Manual

Website and documentation for Webcam Manager

This website is built with TiddlyWiki, specifically the nodejs version used locally to produce a static site.


  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Install TiddlyWiki
cd webcam_manager_userguide
npm install
  1. Launch local server
tiddlywiki webcam-manager-user-guide --listen 
  1. Open the address in a browser
syncer-server-filesystem: Dispatching 'save' task: $:/StoryList 
Serving on

Modify the site

See the TiddlyWiki documentation

To add a page:

  • Click the "+" button in the sidebar
  • Assign the section with the tag name menu under the title
  • Choose between TiddlyWiki syntax (default) or Markdown using the "type" menu at the bottom

Images are added by dragging them onto the wiki browser window.

To contribute your changes back to the main site please submit a pull-request.

Build as a static site

cd webcam_manager_userguide

This produces HTML files and static assets in output/static/ (ignored by git).