A simple program to loop your webcam on video calls. https://wm.diagram.institute
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  • Stealth button names/colors

    • icons only? see this
  • Keyboard shortcuts

    • to easily start/stop recording: space bar
    • start/stop loop: enter?
    • Done and tested on Windows!!
  • Added device selector for the camera, to be tested elsewhere

  • Added a flush function

    • Empties the video recorded in static at the start of the application
    • Added a Flush button next the Exit
  • Pick normcore theme

  • create static/ if it doesn't exist.

  • Output of virtualcam (e.g. previewing in Jitsi) has weird smurf colors.

    • preview in window is fine
    • recorded output file was fine
    • preview in window fine, recorded out fine, preview in Zoom fine.
  • Are we downsizing the video resolution? why not use best res available? (line 57 see # XXX)

    • we was, now we're webcam native size
  • Click on LOOP after launch before recording crashes

    • variable referenced before assignment
    • fixed. If you click LOOP first and there's no static videos, the button gets disabled. Also added colours and disabled buttons
  • Stop saving video files locally?

    • or at least add to .gitignore?